The Importance of Measuring pH in a Biology Laboratory

OHAUS water analysis meters and electrodes help ensure reliably accurate results.
pH plays an important role in almost all biological processes. All living things are water-based systems, which means that they depend heavily on aqueous equilibria, especially acid-base equilibria. The slightest change in pH can result in significant metabolic complications. For example, different types of bacteria thrive in environments with different pH levels. To reach accurate conclusions, it is, therefore, critical to monitor pH levels in any experiment involving bacteria. Meanwhile pH value with a pH meter and electrode is a crucial step when preparing biological buffers.

Whether performing routine or complex laboratory applications, a pH meter is an essential instrument for measuring the acidity or alkalinity of a liquid sample. The most important considerations are first, selecting the right pH meter to suit your needs and second, making sure that your meter is properly calibrated and maintained for maximum accuracy and efficiency.

Selecting the Right pH Meter

When purchasing a pH Meter, there are five essential considerations: accuracy, calibration, electrodes, temperature, and portability. There is no such thing as a one size fits all pH meter. Some applications include hydroponics, water treatment, environmental monitoring, plants and gardens, swimming pools, soil analysis, printing, brewing winemaking, cheese making, spa baths, drinking water and food. With such a wide range of applications, there are available pH meters that vary in levels of accuracy, special features, portability, connectivity and more.

Bench Models for Lab Work

For laboratory work, a bench meter makes sense, but for field work, a portable or pen meter is more efficient. Whichever type suits your needs, single step calibration is a key feature, as is ease of use. High quality electrodes are important and you may need a model that is waterproof.

OHAUS offers a range of benchtop and portable meters to meet your needs. For laboratory work, the OHAUS AquaSearcher™ series of pH bench meters are designed with precision performance in mind. AquaSearcher meters feature an intuitive design, easy-read digital displays; compact, stand-alone electrode holders; and a host of useful features.
ElectrochemistryA range of models are available to support standard and more complex laboratory applications. The basic AB23 and midrange AB33 models are user-friendly with easy calibration, auto buffer recognition, and multi-function keypads to support your everyday pH and ORP measuring.

The more advanced AB41 model is a research grade meter with selectable resolution from 0.1 to 0.001 and an intelligent i-Steward system to ensure repeatable and consistent measurement accuracy. The AB41 model features a 1000-item memory, three-level user management, computer-generated and time-stamped system log supporting forGMP compliance , and connectivity and data output capabilities with RS232 and USB interface.

Portable Meters for Field Work

For many applications in the field, a portable pH meter makes more sense. OHAUS offers the Starter line of portable handheld pH meters, pen meters and electrodes.

For standard field testing, the Starter 300 pH Portable Meter is easy to operate and offers reliably accurate and fast results. With a simple calibration process, automatic temperature compensation, auto buffer recognition, 30-measurement library for data storage, and durable IP54 housing, the Starter 300 is ideal for secure field use.
The more advanced Starter 400M Multi Parameter Portable Water Analysis Meters are lightweight, battery-operated units with waterproof housing. They are ideally suited for testing pH, conductivity, TDS, salinity and resistivity in wet environments. These durable handheld models feature a rechargeable lithium battery for up to 40 hours of wireless use in the field. Intuitive software and an easy-read LCD display allows for simple operation and a built-in USB port offers easy data transfer.
ElectrochemistryFor maximum portability and accurate measurement without restriction, OHAUS Starter Pen Meters are an economical option. OHAUS pen meters provide accurate measurement of pH, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), conductivity, salinity, and total dissolved solids (TDS). Easy to use, waterproof, and durable, OHAUS pen meters can endure consistent use in rough, wet environments. 

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