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Defender™ 3000 Washdown - i-D33
Bench Scales
Defender™ 6000 Washdown - i-D61XW
Bench Scales
Achiever™ 5000
Overhead Stirrers
Vortex Mixers
Laboratory Equipment
Guardian™ 2000 Hotplates & Stirrers
Hotplates & Stirrers
Guardian™ 3000 Hotplates & Stirrers
Hotplates & Stirrers
Moisture Analyzers
Moisture Analyzers
OHAUS Scout™ – A High-Performance, Portable, Precision Balance with a Touch Screen
When it comes to portable balances, you want the convenience of easy storage and transport, plus durability and reliable precision. This is why you trust OHAUS Scout for your weighing needs.

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