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Convenient, Ready-To-Use Lysing Bead Tubes for Bead Mill Homogenizers
Convenient, ready-to-use OHAUS Lysing Bead Tubes are a widely-used tool for consistent sample homogenization. Supplied as 100 tubes per box, each 2 ml self-standing tube contains pre-measured molecular biology-grade grinding media. These lysing bead tubes help to effectively disrupt samples using high-throughput homogenizers such as the OHAUS HT Lysing Homogenizer, popular oscillating homogenizers and smaller reciprocal bead beaters.
Homogenizers Accessories Features
Protect the integrity of your samples - tubes, grinding beads and balls are treated and tested to be DNase and RNase-free.
Convenient wet or dry grinding. Seven distinct media types for plant, soft sample, fungi, yeast, bacteria or environmental sample processing. Threaded caps are color coded for easy identification.
Flexible tube racks are reversible for either 25x2 ml or 16x0.5 ml tubes. Compact and easily fit on the OHAUS HT Lysing Homogenizer. Conveniently offered in packs of 2 for high-throughput processing.
Homogenizers Accessories Models
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Homogenizers Accessories Product Details
DNA, RNA and Protein Analysis (from mammalian tissue, plant, soil, seed, fungi, bacteria, virus and other cells), Cell Lysing, PCR, Gene Expression
Polypropylene tubes and racks
Design Features
Tubes and grinding media are DNase/RNase-free. Racks are reversible - one side holds 25 x 10 mm and 12 mm tubes as well as 1 to 5 mL cryogenic or microtubes. The other side holds 16 x 0.2 to 0.5 mL tubes.
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