Bead Mill Homogenizers

HT Lysing Homogenizer

Providing Flexible Solutions for Rapid High-Throughput Sample Processing
The HT (High Throughput) Lysing Bead Mill Lab Homogenizer offers efficient solutions for all of your grinding, lysing, pulverizing, mixing and homogenizing sample preparation applications. High-throughput processing is ideal for multiple sample and tube configurations. Easy-to-load tray securely locks the microplate or tube in place. High speed linear motion processes samples quickly. Flexibility to use OHAUS sample tubes or any other brand.
DNA, RNA and Protein Analysis (from mammalian tissue, plant, soil, seed, fungi, bacteria, virus and other cells), Cell Lysing, PCR, Gene Expression
Easy-to-read LED display allows the operator to view speed and time settings
Five pre-set program buttons and touchpad controls for speed and time
Polyurethane Elastomer top housing, Cycoloy bottom housing, and Lexan lid
Design Features
Microprocessor-controlled unit includes sample clamp and hex key
HT Lysing Homogenizer is one of the most flexible models on the market. Process sample tubes, microplates, deep-well plates, or any format that will fit in the unit's holder – no costly accessories needed.
Five preset programs optimized for speed and time helps take the guesswork out of creating the processing speeds and times for the most common samples including bacteria, fungi, plant & animal tissue.
The HT Lysing Bead Homogenizer allows high-throughput processing, and is ideal for processing multiple tubes, microplates, deep-well plates etc. simultaneously.
HT Lysing Homogenizer Models
Speed Range

300 rpm – 1600 rpm


Vertical, 31 mm


1 Deep Well, 4 Microplates or any sample to 10.2 x 12.7 x 6.4 cm