Johnson & Wales University Finds Their Sweet Spot With the OHAUS FD Food Scale

OHAUS collaborates in the development of a custom-built FD scale
Traditionally, it has been common for pastry kitchens to use a baker's scale; however, many in the industry have recently been looking to switch to digital scales. Johnson & Wales University's Department of Baking & Pastry Arts was no different. Dependent for many years on standard baking scales, Department Head Gary Welling worked collaboratively with OHAUS to develop a special FD Food Scale for their labs and standardize how his students prepare recipes.
"Pastry work is first a science, and then it's an art. We use formulas, specific ingredients, very specific amounts and must adhere to special methods of preparation."

Finding a quality scale that was durable, accurate and fit the specific needs of the pastry and bake shop was a difficult process for Welling. But OHAUS developed the FD to fit every characteristic the department required. Its functionality, heavy construction, stainless steel housing and ability to measure large amounts of ingredients to an extremely accurate readability were paramount to the University's success in transitioning the labs to the new equipment.
Culinary institutions often require students to work in metric and pound or ounce measurements. The FD Food Portioning Scale has proven itself to be invaluable by allowing students to select from several weighing units - including pounds, fractional ounces, decimal ounces, combined pounds and ounces, grams or kilograms - with the press of just one key. This is especially helpful when switching from metric (g or kg) recipes to recipes in oz. or lbs., and avoids the need for extra scales. Also beneficial to culinary instructors, the FD can be configured quickly using the menu system to meet the instructor's classroom needs. The FD can be set into the weighing units the instructor wants, and only those units, to prevent errors.

Johnson & Wales also continued their relationship with OHAUS and developed a student scale for sale at J&W's bookstores.

"It is common for pastry students and alumni to have their own scale," says Welling. "It's as important as a chef having their own set of knives." The department head also worked with OHAUS to develop a smaller, durable version of the university's lab scales - the Valor 3000 Xtreme. The new scale also features a padded carrying case for students to transport the equipment across campus.

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