Why Every Warehouse Needs a Floor Scale

Which floor scale is right for you?


A floor scale is needed in every warehouse to adhere to weight regulations, provide accurate weight-related data, maintain inventory counts, and protect shipment overloading that leads to organizational losses. OHAUS provides floor scales to meet the industry needs with a range of features; readability, weight capacity, platform size, and connectivity.

Within nearly all industrial environments, weight is one of the fundamental factors of various modalities as many industrial goods are purchased and sold, based on their weight. Scales provide the necessary data related to shipping, inventory management, and weight compliance regulations. Floor Scales are preferred in warehouses and industrial settings due to their simple use, durability, ability to handle heavy-duty loads, and they produce accurate results in often challenging environmental locations, and conditions. The added features of advanced technologies and connectivity to PC devices, provide advantages of easily managed data while reducing potential of human error.

Choosing the best floor scale that satisfies the industrial requirements is less complicated than you might expect.

The choice criteria are based on:


Intended Use and Weight Capacity

When considering a scale, you must identify the intended use including the types of materials that will be weighed, the average physical size of each weight load, and the variances in load sizes that will be weighed. For example, the OHAUS Floor Scales have a capacity range of 500 to 10,000 pounds, depending on the model chosen. It is considered best practice to choose a scale capacity, and platform size to match your range of weighing needs.

Platform Size

OHAUS Defender Drum Scales are offered in platform sizes of 30 inch by 30 inch, and 36 inch by 36 inch. By comparison, the VX Series, and VN Series are available with 4 ft by about 4 ft; and 5 ft by 5 ft platforms. The average size of the weight load should be considered in choosing the scale that matches the use needs. An example of a scale built for performance and ready to handle heavy-duty loads, the OHAUS VN Series Floor Scale Platforms.

Floor ScalesMovability or Fixed-Location

Generally, the larger the floor scale, the less portable it will be. Floor scales are either installed a designated pit, or mounted on the floor; whichever is more applicable to the company use needs. Floor scales that are portable are ideal for industry spaces that are less spacious, requiring portable scales to be moved in and out of the space when needed. Portable floor scales provide space flexiblity and affordabiity.

Special Features

Weighing and counting modes, counting mode, and battery power. The OHAUS floor scales are designed with the user’s convenience in mind, providing 100 hours of battery life with rechargeable batteries freeing the user to work with confidence even with the presence of power fluctuations.

All models also include RS232 communication providing the ability to connect the scale to a printer or PC for data reporting purposes.

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