The Real Value in the OHAUS Brand and Why it Matters

Sophisticated equipment, when designed thoughtfully, can be easy to set up and operate.
Laboratory Weighing

From scientists and researchers, to warehouse managers, chefs, jewelers, teachers, food processors, material handlers and much more, thousands of professionals rely on the reliable precision of OHAUS products. 

There are cheaper, alternative weighing and measuring devices, but when your work depends on accuracy, dependability, and safety, OHAUS is the brand you rely on. The OHAUS name is synonymous with precision, dating back to our origin as a developer of some of the earliest laboratory scales and balances more than 100 years ago.

In the years since, OHAUS has invested in research and development to introduce scales, balances and laboratory equipment that best meet your needs. Our product development focus is primarily on ensuring that our weighing and measuring instruments deliver precise results again and again and again. Repeatable results are how you can successfully run your operations, and repeatable results are how we can stand behind our products.

Designed to Meet Your Needs

The real value of OHAUS brand products is the century of cumulative experience that goes into designing and producing an accurate balance. Rather than focusing on bells and whistles and fancy displays, our product developers concentrate on the overall engineering and inner workings of our scales, balances, and lab equipment. We develop, test, and iterate on the hidden mechanisms such as signal processing and temperature compensation to yield a superior product.
Laboratory WeighingOHAUS products are designed, developed, manufactured, quality assurance tested, and shipped from our own facilities. This is why there is synergy across all of our product lines – from how our devices look and feel to how they interact with each other in your work setting. We understand our products on a deep level and can provide the best support and customer service in the industry.

Ingeniously Practical

One of the hallmarks of an OHAUS product is the ease of setup and use. Just because a device can perform a complex application, doesn’t mean it should be challenging to operate. We always aim for an intuitive user experience with easy-to-read displays, easy-to-follow instructional guides, and easy-to-find customer support. The purpose and position of every button and control is deliberate. This is what we mean by “ingeniously practical.”

We design our products to function optimally exactly how and where you will use them. We consider counter space and portability. When appropriate, we make our devices versatile so they have multiple functions to suit your needs.  And based on customer feedback, we continue to improve upon our product lines, adding new features every year.
Laboratory Balances
We know that many of our customers work in industrial environments where our products can be exposed to moisture, extreme temperatures, chemical spills, and heavy weights. And accidents happen, like dropped products or heavy items dropped on your equipment. That’s why we thoughtfully select materials and design the construction of our products to make them as durable as possible. OHAUS weighing and measuring equipment is built to last, easy-to-clean, and designed to withstand the rigors of your working environment.

Choosing the equipment your operators use is an important decision. Everything from your work efficiency, to your employee safety, to your customer satisfaction is at stake. You don’t make these purchasing decisions lightly and we hope that our thoughtfully designed and expertly supported products help make your choices easier to make. Thank you for choosing OHAUS.