Print Isn’t Dead - OHAUS Explorer Analytical Balances, Now With Custom Label Printing Functionality

Don’t just record data, preserve and protect it like never before
OHAUS_Explorer-Printer-Update.jpgAlthough the increased digitization of the working world has improved efficiency and fostered growth to levels previously unheard of, there is still something to be said about tangible, physical records. In some industries, in fact, the ability to track and efficiently transfer materials is the lifeblood of what they do. Which is why the latest software update for our Explorer series of analytical balances is more than just a minor upgrade – it now gives the devices the ability to create and print customizable labels through Zebra Thermal Transfer Desktop Printers.
The ability to not only accurately weigh samples but to create specific labels for storing and shipping represents enormous benefits for laboratory and industrial workspaces. The food and beverage industry, for example, faces unique challenges that include adhering to an increasingly complex set of global regulations, maintaining supply chain visibility and meeting localization requirements. Because of this, some in the industry struggle with labeling accuracy, efficiency, and compliance. This can put a lot of unexpected pressure on industries that traditionally use manual methods for data capture and tracking – should a dairy producer struggle to accurately label test samples, it could result in errors which could also be in violation of standards, and eventually put human health at risk.
Similarly, the pharmaceutical and bio-pharma industries need to, by their very nature, take precise labeling during the development process with the utmost seriousness. It takes a significant investment to, say, bring a new drug to market, and the labeling process is critical to maintaining compliance during this process. Not only does the label act as a unique identifier for samples and materials, but it also ensures that active ingredients and concentrations are clearly understood during handling and processing. There really can’t be much room for error. A  NiceLabel survey revealed that 78% of percent of pharmaceutical and bio-pharma companies don’t have a modern labeling solution in place, and 83 % are actively looking for a new system that can increase efficiency and reduce human error.
The OHAUS Explorer series of analytical balances were already built on the foundation of unprecedented accuracy and efficiency, and now, with the ability to store up to five different label templates with customizable data fields for date/time, sample and batch identification, and both text and barcodes, it is poised to become a legitimate game-changer for labs, manufacturers, and other professional, industrial organizations.
Come and explore a whole new way of doing what you do, better.