OHAUS Starter 400 Series Portable Meters

Water quality analysis that goes where you go

Standard water analysis equipment simply does not always suit your specific needs. They might be too delicate, too heavy, or just not practical – especially working out in the field and in wet environments.

That’s why we introduced the new Starter™ 400 Series Portable Water Analysis Meters. Available in two versions, the ST400 is specially designed for pH, ORP and Temperature analysis, and the ST400M multi-parameter meter offers a practical solution for on-the-go, highly accurate measurement of pH, ORP, TDS, Salinity, Resistivity, Temperature, and Conductivity. 

These affordable, rugged, yet lightweight and fully waterproof units put fast, easy, accurate, and reliable water analysis right in your hand!

Learn more about the OHAUS ST400M 

Learn more about the OHAUS ST400