OHAUS Guardian 7000 Hotplate Stirrers Granted the Bronze A' Design Award by the International Design Academy In the Scientific Instruments and Research Equipment Design Category

PARSIPPANY, N.J. – June 30, 2022
Hotplate Stirrers
OHAUS Corporation, a leading worldwide manufacturer of weighing products, laboratory equipment and analytical instruments recently announced that their innovative Guardian 7000 Hotplate Stirrers were granted the Bronze A’Design Award in Scientific Instruments and Research Equipment Design Category by the International Design Academy.   

The A' Design Award is an international indicator of quality and perfection in design, and awards are given to original and innovative designs in their respective markets.

Inspiration Behind the Guardian 7000

This becameHotplate Stirrers the foundation and inspiration which drove the OHAUS R&D team to develop the innovative, patent pending, safety features of the Guardian 7000. 
“Safety is the number one priority for laboratories and hotplate stirrers, and if left unattended can be the cause of catastrophic accidents including fires,” said Michael Manera, Head of Research and Development. “The design intention of the Guardian Hotplate Stirrers is to protect samples, the lab, and ultimately people.”
The team analyzed their competitors, conducted a focus group, and performed market surveys in the United States and Europe prior to starting this project, and all results emphasized the importance of safety.


Hotplate Stirrers
Innovative Design

The Guardian 7000 design was realized through market research and competitive analysis. The unit enclosure was designed using injection molding of chemical-resistant resins that stay cool - even at a maximum temperature of 500 °C. Internal electronics were designed to provide automatic safety features not available in competitor models, using Bluetooth and infrared technology. The design also provides best in class accuracy and repeatability through extensive software development driving the electrical system.


SMART THotplate Stirrersechnology to Ensure Lab Safety and Intelligent Performance

Featuring OHAUS’s SMART technology, the Guardian 7000 series is designed to promote lab safety with advanced features that reduce the chance of accidents. These hotplate stirrers feature an easy-to-read LCD display for temperature and speed, green indicator lights when unit is heating and stirring, and are designed for durability and reliability with the exclusive SmartHousing™ and SafetyHeat™ system which protects the lab. The Guardian 7000 is also equipped with superior safety features such as SmartPresence™, SmartLink™, SmartRate™, and SmartHeat™ for intelligent performance.


Launching an Innovative Series of Hotplate Stirrers

The Guardian 7000 project started in September 2017 and finished in March 2020 in Thorofare, New Jersey where the product was released to distribution. In March of 2020 the product was first debuted at Pittcon, a transnational conference and exposition on laboratory science, and a venue for presenting the latest advances in scientific equipment.
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For more information about the Guardian 7000 Series Hotplate Stirrers, visit www.ohaus.com

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