OHAUS Explorer – When Data Integrity Matters

The best laboratory balances offer reliable precision, advanced features, and data protection. OHAUS Explorer is up to your every weighing task.
Laboratory Balances
For regulated industries, data integrity is essential, and with the EX2.22 update, OHAUS Explorer® balances offer unmatched protection.

Features such as four-level user management with password protection and PIN, and un-editable system log, security slot, and lock switch, plus a high level of configurability protect your device from mishandling and help keep your data secure and your operation compliant.

Compliance means adhering to specific guidelines, maintaining accuracy, and traceability. The latest Explorer features make it easy for balance users to be in compliance with enhanced data recording and accountability in laboratory environments.

All user interactions are recorded to ensure data integrity. The latest Explorer balances are equipped with an expanded system log that records any changes to the balance settings, calibration adjustments and printed results, user access data, and GMP/GLP data fields. Explorer exports a log as a PDF file and can save it to a USB flash drive and store up to 5000 events.

Explorer Series Balances can record and store more relevant data to expand their functionality and applications in your lab with support for the UE-600 GIGATEK RFID reader, an integrated repeatability test including a minimum weight guide and a new Fill Weight Variation application mode. The enhanced User Management system allows balance users to be assigned to one of four pre-existing groups with varying access rights and create upto 110 accounts with configurable password protection.

The Meaning and Importance of Data Integrity

Data is defined as facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis. By collecting data, an organization can provide historical proof of certain events or use it as the basis for reasoning and decision making.  Alternatively, unreliable, inconsistent, or compromised data can be detrimental. The collection and protection of various pieces of data is of vital importance to an organization and is growing more so every day. Data integrity is the maintenance of, and the assurance of, data accuracy and consistency over its entire life-cycle.1
Laboratory Balances
In many laboratory and pharmaceutical applications measurement results obtained from some measurement process are an essential piece of data. In order to meet data integrity standards, data must meet the following criteria:
  • It must be attributable, meaning that it must be clear who made the measurement and when
  • It must be legible
  • It must be contemporaneous, meaning that it is documented at the time the measurement was made
  • It must be original
  • It must be accurate
There is no standard method for ensuring that these criteria are met and there are many different ways to achieve "data integrity." It is up to the particular company to implement processes in a way that makes sense and best serves the industry or market with which they are affiliated. 

OHAUS Explorer balances have several features that can help meet the aforementioned requirements. For example, GLP data fields (header information, balance name and serial number, user name, project name) and a built-in, real-time clock allow for GLP data and the exact date and time the measurement was made to be printed with the result. Digital printouts are easy to read. Auto print features can ensure that the data is printed or manually initiated printouts allow the measurement result and corresponding data to be printed on the spot. A printed signature line allows certification of an original record. An onboard calibration log and event logging system provides traceability and can be used to determine the state of the balance at the time a particular measurement was made.

An Explorer for Every Lab

The OHAUS Explorer Series Analytical and Precision balances combine modern features and intelligent design elements to offer reliable precision and unmatched functionality to simplify even the most complex laboratory measurements. Versatile Explorer balances offer a range of application modes to suit a variety of laboratory needs. Explorer is durably built, reliable, and packed with intelligent features for convenience and user-friendly operation. 

Communication is seamless with RS232 and USB (included) or second RS232/Ethernet (accessories sold separately), GLP/GMP data output with real-time clock.
Laboratory Balances
There are four available Explorer balance models to suit your lab weighing needs. Explorer Semi-Micro suits sophisticated laboratory applications that require extreme precision, down to 0.01mg. Advanced features like OHAUS’ AutoCal™ automatic internal calibration, an ionizer (select models) that neutralizes static charges in the weighing chamber, and a linearity of ± 0.1mg helps the Semi-Micro model achieve remarkable accuracy. 

Explorer Analytical balances are sufficient for precise weighing (0.1mg readability) of small samples (up to 320g), while Explorer Precision offers a larger weighing pan for larger capacity sample measurements (up to 10.2kg). Explorer Precision High Capacity balances offer expanded weighing capacity up to 35kg and are equipped with 2-D shock protection for enhanced durability in industrial settings.

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