NSF-Certified OHAUS Scales Meet Your Food-Safe Weighing Needs

OHAUS Valor® washdown food scales set the industry standard with precision, speed, and durability.

The food processing industry is continuously challenged by stringent safety requirements governing the equipment used, procedures, quality control, safety, and sanitary guidelines. There are strict regulations put in place by government, industry and health department regulatory bodies, covering food safety, safe and clean work environments, and the health and safety of workers.

Ensuring compliance and efficient operation requires the use of reliably accurate food-safe equipment. The portable, tabletop OHAUS Valor® bench scales set the industry standard for food-safe weighing with precision, speed, and durability. These rapid-response food processing scales offer enhanced food safety, efficiency, and productivity.

NSF certified/USDA-AMS accepted Valor scales support HACCP certified systems to reduce the risk of contamination.

With software for general weighing, checkweighing, and accumulation, Valor scales can be used for a variety of food weighing and measurement needs. A long-life internal rechargeable battery provides portability and ensures the scale will be operational when you need.

Valor scales offer removable stainless steel platforms for easy cleaning, as well as large easy-read LED displays, and durable construction, making them good choices for use in food industry environments.

What is NSF?

The food industry must comply with safety regulations set forth by government agencies, health departments, and industry guidelines. Founded in 1944 as the National Sanitation Foundation, NSF offers the most accepted, trusted, and recognizable certification for commercial foodservice equipment.

NSF reviews, tests, certifies, and registers food equipment products for acceptance across the world. Products with the NSF mark receive guaranteed regulatory acceptance in North America and improved acceptance worldwide. Registration programs, such as HACCP Compliance Verification – EU, demonstrate hygienic quality, independently verified by a trusted source.
A Valor Scale to Suit Your Needs

Our entry level model, the Valor 1000, is an economical choice for your basic weighing needs. Standard software includes checkweighing mode, accumulation mode, and multiple units of measure. Valor 1000 scales feature a mid-profile ABS plastic housing with leveling adjustment. For basic dry weighing operations, Valor 1000 offers remarkable precision at an affordable price.

For more demanding dry weighing applications, we offer the Valor 3000 and 7000 models with higher resolution plus advanced functionality. Valor 3000 brings laboratory precision to food processing and preparation, with weighing to 0.01g. Washdown models are available. Valor 7000 offers up to 30kg/60 lb capacity and advanced data connectivity, including standard RS232, an optional second RS232, USB and Ethernet.
For wet or cold environments, we offer the Valor 2000 and 4000 models. These food scales are water-resistant, making them suitable for washdown environments. They also feature drain holes and flow-thru design for easy cleaning.stabilization time of less than a half-second, these scales offer fast weighing results for increased productivity without sacrificing accuracy. Dual displays allow for easy viewing and shared operation.

Valor 2000 is suitable for weighing and checkweighing and can operate on the included AC adapter or rechargeable battery for up to 50 continuous hours of operation. It features an up-front level indicator, auto-close power jack cover, and convenient carry handle. Non-slip leveling feet offer stability. Valor 2000 is easy to set up, operate, and thoroughly clean. And with an entry level price, it makes a terrific choice for essential food weighing operations. 

For more demanding legal-for-trade food weighing operations, the multifunctional OHAUS Valor 4000 water-resistant food scale offers the same speed and durability as its younger sibling, but it adds additional advanced features like touchless operation, checkweighing and percent weighing modes for maximum efficiency.
Both the Valor 2000 and 4000 scales feature polycarbonate keypads to offer protection from knives and other sharp instruments used in food preparation, processing and portioning applications.

Whatever your food weighing needs, you can count on OHAUS for reliable safety, precision, and durability.

For more information about Valor food scales, contact your regional OHAUS representative.