Introducing The New OHAUS COMPASS™ CR Series Compact Scales

The OHAUS COMPASS™ CR Series combines versatility and affordability for a variety of basic weighing needs
PARSIPPANY, N.J. – April 11, 2019 OHAUS Corporation, a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of highly accurate and reliable weighing and measurement products, laboratory equipment and analytical instruments has announced the launch of their new line of COMPASS™ CR Series compact scales.
Providing Basic Weighing Capabilities Economically
Combining a lightweight, durable construction with user-friendly features, an enlarged weighing platform and a space-saving design, the new COMPASS™ CR Series scales are made to offer both versatility and value. These slim and stackable units provide accuracy, speed and repeatability at an economical price point. These scales are ideal for a variety of basic weighing applications in kitchens, classrooms, offices and other workplace settings.  
User-Friendly Features, Convenience and Value
Available in four models to meet the requirements of the user and the weighing application, the Compass CR scale features intuitive software and a large, easy-to-read LCD for simple-to-use two-button operation. The enlarged weighing platform allows the CR Series to handle a wide range of sample sizes, making this the one scale for most all basic weighing tasks. For added convenience, its slim design allows the scales to be stacked up to four high for saving valuable storage space, when not in use. Powered by three AA batteries, this portable scale provides up to 300 hours of continuous use.  
Other standard features of the COMPASS™ CR scale include mechanical and software overload/under protection, ABS housing and pan, slip-resistant feet, auto shut-off and a low battery indicator.

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