Introducing The Latest Centrifuges From OHAUS

A New "Spin" on Life Science

No one centrifuge is suitable for every specific laboratory application need. That’s why OHAUS is introducing the FC5513 and FC5707 - the newest additions to our Frontier 5000 Series Centrifuges.

Engineered for versatility and ease of use, these two new units feature a uniquely designed protective splash-proof front panel and 'touch-wheel' control on an intuitive interface. Both centrifuges are ideal for a variety of lab applications, and are designed to make lab processes more efficient, with many user-friendly features and software that allows for intuitive operation.

The OHAUS FC5513 high-speed micro centrifuge is designed for a range of essential lab applications, and comes complete with microtube rotors and a biocontainment option. This centrifuge can generate 17,317 x g of speed with four optional rotors, and also supports spin columns and hematocrit capillary tubes when used with other optional rotors.

The OHAUS FC5707 low-speed multi centrifuge is a reliable general purpose centrifuge that features a pre-installed rotor which can process both round and conical bottom tubes, including common blood tubes. With accessories, it can be adapted easily to also process 7ml, 5ml and 1.5/2 ml tubes. 

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