Introducing The First OHAUS Homogenizer

Maximize throughput in the laboratory
The OHAUS HT Lysing Bead Mill Homogenizer is the latest offering in our comprehensive line of essential laboratory equipment, designed to help your customers Do More With OHAUS. Specifically engineered with input from industry experts, our newest homogenizer is ideal for increasing sample processing in even the busiest of laboratories. Built for grinding, lysing, pulverizing, mixing, and homogenizing applications, the OHAUS HT Lysing Bead Mill Homogenizer aims to disrupt samples that are difficult to break down with standard mechanical homogenizers. Offering processing flexibility, increased efficiency, and rapid throughput capabilities, our new homogenizer allows you to  process sample tubes, microplates, deep well plates, or any other format that will fit the OHAUS HT Lysing Homogenizer, without the need for costly accessories, while five pre-set programs optimized for speed and time help take the guesswork out of creating protocols for the most common samples, including bacteria, fungi, and plant or animal tissue. The OHAUS HT Lysing Homogenizer is ideal for high-throughput processing of multiple samples, including standard configurations such as tubes, microplates, and deep well plates.

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