Get to Know the OHAUS Scout Capabilities

OHAUS Scout Connectivity Accessories 
In 2016, OHAUS introduced a brand-new revamp of our famous Scout portable balance, ushering in the Next Generation of portable weighing. Boasting sophisticated upgrades and improved accessibility, our Scout is more useful than ever before, featuring three separate models designed for simple integration into your workplace.
Ideal for laboratory and industrial applications, our all-new OHAUS Scout SPX improves upon the former favorite Scout Pro, and features a large backlit display for enhanced readability in dimly lit settings. Coupled with stackable storage, expanded connectivity, fast stabilization time, and superior overload protection, the redesigned Scout SPX redefines portable weighing.
The Scout SKX is purposefully designed for the classroom. Featuring modern, versatile connectivity options and a large backlit LCD display, the new Scout is backed by education software and a simplified 4-button operation. A space-saving, stackable storage design makes this Scout ideal for any classroom, while extreme overload protection offers a level of safety from repeated, demanding classroom use.
Optimally designed to be used in a variety of settings, the intuitive OHAUS Scout STX features a full color touchscreen display that operates with the same ease as a smartphone or tablet. Supported by a wide variety of connectivity options, weighing applications, and extreme overload protection, the Scout STX is ready for whatever you need, whenever you need it.
Made with technology in mind, the OHAUS Scout is capable of advanced communication for a variety of data sharing needs, no matter which model you choose.
RS232 allows for simple connection to printers or computers.
USB Device
USB Device connectivity provides the ability to connect easily to a printer, computer, or external data-logging device.
USB Host
USB Host allows the user to save data directly to a flash drive for later use, including graphing or analysis.
Ethernet connectivity quickly saves data to a computer's network folder, offering simple accessibility to all users within said network.
Scout's Bluetooth option allows the user to wirelessly control the balance, or mirror weighing results to a Smart TV for presentations or demonstrations.