Get More From Your Balance With Maximum Connectivity

In the modern laboratory, balance connectivity is second only to reliable precision.
Laboratory Weighing
For more than 100 years, OHAUS has been synonymous with precision and reliability. It’s why thousands of professionals, experts, and academics rely on our weighing instruments.

Precise, repeatable weighing results are as important as ever, but as technology has advanced, organizational needs have evolved and, today, connectivity is critical. As always, OHAUS listens closely to our customers and we work tirelessly to make sure that we improve and increase functionality with every iteration of our products.

OHAUS offers a range of analytical and precision balances to meet the needs of our customers in a variety of operational settings. OHAUS analytical and precision balances offer capabilities to capture data in various ways, including communication interfaces, software integration, hardware connectivity, and accessory compatibility. With more connectivity options, our balances are better able to integrate with your operations and keep your processes running efficiently.     

More Options to Connect than Ever Before

The engineers at OHAUS prioritize standard protocols across our product lines so that our instruments can “speak” to each other. Just as important, is making sure our weighing devices can connect seamlessly with your workplace systems. Having multiple connection points means our balances can sync with your computers, printers, barcode scanners, and more.

Serial port connections and free connectivity downloads allow OHAUS balances to easily connect to PCs, PLC’s and LIMs (lab info management systems). OHAUS balances allow for SPDC (Serial Port Data Collection), a free software utility that allows a balance to connect with a PC to collect data and put it into a local database or program like Excel or a text document. Using “real printout format” OHAUS balances can easily connect with printers for simple data output. Utilizing PC network settings, users can select the options that best suit their operations.
Laboratory BalancesGetting precise weighing results is critical to maintaining operational efficiency, but so it being able to easily store, print, and share that data across your organization. Or in the case of highly regulated industries like pharmaceuticals, data may need to be shared outside your organization with regulatory bodies and guidelines for how data is presented must be followed. In this instance, it’s helpful and essential to have multiple options for collecting, storing, sharing, and printing data.

The flagship OHAUS Explorer® series of balances offer a range of communication interfaces such as RS-232, USB, and Ethernet, allowing connection to accessories such as printers and barcode scanners. A simple yet complete communication protocol allows Explorer balances to be easily connected to a PC or integrated with larger systems. 

OHAUS Balances to Suit Your Needs

Laboratory BalancesOHAUS offers analytical balances with different capacities and features to meet a range of operational needs. At the high end, we offer the Explorer, equipped with advanced features to ensure compliance - four-level user management with password protection, an un-editable system log and a high level of configurability – and efficiency - detachable terminal with a large color touchscreen, programmable IR sensors, automatic doors, and a frameless draft shield. Explorer also features a weighing cell precision-machined from a solid metal block. Explorer is also available in a semi-micro model.

For reliability and intuitive operation, the mid-range Adventurer® series is hard to beat with features like a color touchscreen, icon-based user interface, specialized weighing modes, multiple connectivity options – including front USB, and AutoCal™ automatic internal calibration system.

For the budget conscious organization, the Pioneer® line offers reliable results with durable construction and USB/RS232 connectivity for easy communication.

OHAUS offers precision balances across the Explorer, Adventurer, and Pioneer lines. Our flagship Explorer® Precision balance offers advanced features like 2-D shock protection, an IP54 base enclosure, AutoCal™, a detachable terminal with a large color touchscreen and programmable IR sensors. A solid metal weighing provides extreme durability. A high-capacity model is also available.

Adventurer Precision balances feature specialized weighing modes, multiple connectivity options, and AutoCal™ to support a variety of applications. The budget-priced Pioneer Precision balance offers high accuracy and versatility for essential weighing applications. The Pioneer features a second line display for additional information/guidance and USB/RS232 connectivity. Draftshield models are available.

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