From Food Science Labs to Bakeries, OHAUS Stacks Up

Versatile food scales play an essential role in culinary education and baking.

What do culinary school food science labs and bakeries have in common? Versatile OHAUS food scales that offer reliable precision.

Food science professors and bakers understand the importance of having reliable instruments in the kitchen and so many put their trust in OHAUS food scales for their precision and versatility. OHAUS scales are ubiquitous in kitchens, culinary classes, and even food science labs and with good reason.

Playing a Key Role in Culinary Education

Culinary students are taught the importance of precise measurements. Too much or too little of one ingredient can easily spoil a great recipe as many aspiring bakers have learned.  OHAUS CX Compass electronic balances are well-suited to culinary education and food science programs, where precision gram and sub-gram weighing are critical to successful preparation of nutritious recipes.

OHAUS Compass® CX compact scales are a good option for culinary schools because of their reliable precision. They’re also versatile, allowing for easy switching between weighing modes so users can easily measure in metric or U.S. figures. In educational settings, durability is a key factor as the units must stand up to the rigors of constant and continuous usage.

Three Precision Food Scales to Meet Your Needs

Another reason why  OHAUS Compass® CX compact scales are well-suited to culinary schools turn is their space-saving design. These lightweight, durable scales are slim and stackable for easy storage. Plus, their user-friendly features make them a favorite of teachers and students alike.
Food ScalesCompass CX scales are also designed with efficiency in mind, offering battery life of up to 1000 hours of uninterrupted operation on standard alkaline batteries. These versatile little scales provide accuracy, speed, and repeatability for a wide-range of food weighing applications. 

Available in five models to meet user needs, Compass CX features a large, backlit LCD for easy readability and simple two-button operation.

Multi-functional OHAUS Valor® 7000 bench scales are a smart choice for demanding food applications like baking where higher capacity to 30kg and 1g readability are a must.  Valor 7000 is a compact, food-safe scale packed with advanced features to boost productivity in any food environment.

Food Scales
Valor 7000 delivers precise, repeatable results in less than one second. Multiple application modes allow for weighing, percent weighing, checkweighing, and accumulation. Data transfer and storage are easy with the included RS232, plus optional USB and Ethernet ports. A second RS232 is also available as an accessory.

Dual LCD displays allow for multiple users for increased productivity and large, backlit displays allow for easy viewing of results. The Valor 7000 features a user-friendly menu for easy setup and operation. as well as a touchless sensor, transportation handles, menu lock switch, and up-front level indicator. Additional features include three LED checkweighing lights with selectable operation and audible signal settings, selectable environmental and auto-print settings, auto shut-off, and auto tare.

The scale runs on AC power or included rechargeable battery that offers 210 hours of continuous use. Durable Valor 7000 is built to withstand tough environments with rugged ABS housing and a stainless steel platform.
Valor 7000 is NSF-certified, USDA-AMS accepted, and supports HACCP-certified systems -- suitable for food applications in dry areas.

For wet conditions, the high-performance Valor® 4000 is a legal-for-trade food scale built to stand up to washdown environments. Food-safe Valor 4000 is NSF-certified, USDA-AMS accepted, and supports HACCP-certified systems, making it suitable for demanding food processing applications. A knife-resistant keypad and IPX8 protection ensures durability and safe operation in wet conditions. Multiple weighing modes and impressive features like touchless Tare sensor and half-second stabilization time make Valor 4000 a highly productive food scale.

For more information about OHAUS food scales, contact your regional OHAUS representative.