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CBJ Designs turns to OHAUS products for their weigh price label solutions

When CBJ Designs, a Kentucky based custom weighing equipment company was looking for a scale base and indicator to be incorporated into their new custom weighing equipment, it was a challenging task to find the best product for the job. As a supplier of weigh price label solutions to one of the world's largest processors of chicken, beef and pork products, there was no room for error. The company currently uses CBJ Designs' equipment for precision weighing labeling to ensure that portioned packages of fresh and frozen chicken are labeled according to their correct weight, on a daily basis. This detail-oriented process requires scales that are extremely accurate, easy to operate, durable, and meet food safety requirements.

After scouring the market for scale bases and indicators, CBJ made the decision to incorporate the OHAUS Defender 5000 D15BR base and Defender 7000 T72XW indicator into their equipment. "The rugged construction of the Defender scale base and indicator was what first got our attention," said Billy Jones, Project Manager at CBJ Designs. "Being that our equipment will be used in washdown environments, day in and day out, it was essential that we provided our customer with a durable product. Since the OHAUS base and indicator are constructed with stainless steel, and specifically designed for heavy-duty industrial environments, they have proved to be a great choice for our customer's application. We had a need and OHAUS addressed it."

Additionally, CBJ Designs found that the user-friendly intuitive software, multiple connectivity options and communication features of the OHAUS Defender 7000 T72XW indicator were superior to competitor products. The fast stabilization of the indicator, simple navigation with on-screen prompts and easy calibration also meant increased productivity for their customer.

"We are very satisfied with our OHAUS products. The knowledge that we are doing business with a respected company that has been around for over a century increases the comfort factor. They have been flexible in their approach towards a small family-owned business like ours, and provided great sales and product support" said Billy. "We are currently looking into buying more OHAUS products to incorporate into our future projects."

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