Guardian™ 2000 & 3000 Series Hotplates and Stirrers

Affordable. Dependable. Essential.

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What is the Capacity of an Analytical Balance

What is the right choice for my lab?

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Analytical Balances

Your guide to Analytical Balances

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Controlling Environmental Factors That Affect Weighing Performance

Learn how to identify and mitigate external influences that can negatively impact weighing results.

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Best Practices for Safe Centrifugation in the Laboratory

OHAUS Frontier Centrifuges offer reliability, precision, and safety.

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Why Every Warehouse Needs a Floor Scale

Which floor scale is right for you?

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OHAUS Guardian 7000 Hotplate Stirrers Granted the Bronze A' Design Award by the International Design Academy In the Scientific Instruments and Research Equipment Design Category

PARSIPPANY, N.J. – June 30, 2022

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The Study of Inflammation and How it Relates to Chronic Diseases

And How OHAUS Plays a Small Role

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Do You Need a Mixer or Stirrer for Your Lab?

The action of combining liquids or other ingredients brings up the question ‘do you need a mixer or stirrer?

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Guardian 7000 Granted the Bronze A’Design Award by the International Design Academy

The design intention of the Guardian Hotplate Stirrers is to protect samples, the lab, and ultimately people.

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What to Look for in Buying an Industrial Scale  

If you are looking for ways to increase the efficiency, accuracy, and productivity of your business; choosing an industrial scale that matches your performance, and use needs is a must. 

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Brew ‘HAUS OHAUS Products Are on Tap at Your Local Brewery

From the lab to the shipping dock, OHAUS instruments play a key role in craft brewing.

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OHAUS Explorer Balance – Tips for TouchScreen Maintenance to Ensure a Great User Experience

Tips for TouchScreen Maintenance to Ensure a Great User Experience

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The Pitfalls of Moisture Analysis

Moisture analysis is a critical step in many industrial processes. To avoid pitfalls, select reliable instruments and follow the guidance of the experts at OHAUS.

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Measuring pH of Pure Water and Other Low Conductivity Waters

It can be quite difficult and often frustrating to obtain reproducible pH values in samples with low-ionic strength.

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Pharmaceutical Packaging with OHAUS

OHAUS Defender™ 5000 Bench Scales meet the demands of pharmaceutical packaging operations.

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ACHIEVER™5000 Overhead Stirrer Selector Guide

Choose the Best Overhead Stirrer for Your Application

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OHAUS Explorer – When Data Integrity Matters

The best laboratory balances offer reliable precision, advanced features, and data protection. OHAUS Explorer is up to your every weighing task.

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Get a FREE OHAUS Scout With Qualifying Purchases

Buy any OHAUS Explorer High Capacity balance, and receive a free Scout SJX

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5 Education Essentials for Science Classrooms

Inspiring kids while keeping them safe is the name of the game in any well-equipped scientific classroom

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OHAUS Plays a Role in Insect Biotechnology and Vaccine Development

News coverage of vaccine development has helped shine a light on the lesser known field of insect biotechnology. See how OHAUS plays a role in lab applications.

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How to Select a pH Meter for Your Application

OHAUS Electrochemistry

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Washdown Scales Built for Food Safety

Durable, high-precision scales that can withstand daily use and high-pressure washdowns are essential to safe food handling.

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From Food Science Labs to Bakeries, OHAUS Stacks Up

Versatile food scales play an essential role in culinary education and baking.

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High-quality counting scales offer the best combination of accuracy, ease of setup, and cost

Choose the right one to suit your needs.

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