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Connect to the real world of measurement through OHAUS' dependable equipment, engaging activities, and relevant technology which promise to provide your students with meaningful, lasting experiences, and help improve learning outcomes at all grade levels.

The brand you can trust:

  • OHAUS offers a complete line of measurement solutions both mechanical and electronic, with a broad range of capacities suitable for all your weighing needs, and accuracy unique to particular grade levels ensuring that results are relevant and meaningful
  • OHAUS products have a solid reputation for enduring quality in the classroom.  This high quality is not by accident, but a direct result of over a century of experience in the manufacture of weighing solutions designed specifically for student use
  • OHAUS' activities and resources are developed and tested by your peers in the classroom.  They have been proven as engaging and effective through the every day experiences of students everywhere

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Why is OHAUS the best choice for your Education weighing need?

Ingeniously Practical for Education


Education Applications

Whether its taking the classic Triple Beam balance and re-designing it for use in a broader range of experiments and activities, or introducing brand new curriculum support material in the form of our Measurement Skills Assessment Review Kit, you can be assured that we support you.

OHAUS products meet or exceed the latest CPSIA regulations for lead content and phthalates, and are labeled accordingly so you can be sure that even your youngest students are safe from any hazards.



With over 100 years of weighing experience, OHAUS offers a broad range of solutions with features hat are relevant and meaningful in the classroom.

  • Education market leader
  • Enhance your students' learning experiences.
  • Measurement solutions promise better learning outcomes


  • We monitor new safety laws and regulations
  • We adjust our products as necessary
  • Products are easy for students to use
  • Simple to maintain
  • Built to withstand the rigors of the classroom
  • Supported by the best overall warranties in the market.
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